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15 Habbits of Women Men Don’t Get

15 Habbits of Women Men Don’t Get

Women like to believe and like you to believe that they can get along perfectly well without a plan. But the truth is they can’t. Everything has to be organised, expected and planned. And this is just the beginning of their quirkiness. Over the years, women have harboured and honed habits that they continue to develop and stick to with fervour. We list a few of those.

1. Going to the ladies room in groups

‘Seriously, what is that all about?’ is what all men think and discuss when all the ladies at their table get up together to visit the ladies room. We, like many others, have tried to decode this habit of women in the past, but there still remains an air of mystery around the ladies room saga. Here is the article about that issue.

2. Giggling

All women giggle. In fact, all women love to giggle. There is nervous giggle, excited giggle, I’m-hiding-a-secret giggle and so on. Women giggle out of habit, but not without reason. And the reason behind the giggle is hardly ever known to the confused man.

3. ‘Am I fat, honey?’

To be honest, women ask this question more out of habit. Yes, they are conscious about their weight and their looks, but many-a-times this question is thrown at a man just because their subconscious says it is time to do. So, the next time she asks you this question, make sure you give an answer that she is habituated to listen to.

4. The face pack

Yes, men know that the face pack promises to give women a glowing, well moisturised skin. But I haven’t met a single man who has genuinely noticed a considerable difference in the way his woman looks after the application of a face pack. In fact, I’m yet to meet a woman who 100% believes that the face pack did ALL that it promised to better her skin. The desire to look better almost always results in the formation of a senseless habit; hence, the once a month face pack routine.

5. Clutch bag

The only thing a clutch can hold is one pair of keys and a lipstick. The rest – comb, phone, tissues, powder, etc – are all stuffed in the dashboard of the car or a man’s pocket. In spite of knowing the uselessness of a clutch, women carry it with them, always. Why?

6. Foot / nail lotion

A cream for the face, hair, body is one thing. But the habit of buying a separate cream for the foot, toes, and nails is something men never understand. The question that crosses a man’s mind is: foot and nails are a part of the body, so why a separate cream for them?

7. Ribbons

Women love ribbons. They like to tie them to their hair, use it to hold paper together, add them to gift packaging and perhaps use them to decorate a hat. Ribbons are a part of every woman’s collection and it is one thing they cannot do without. Creatures of habit?

8. Cleaning and arranging

For most women, cleaning and arranging things in their proper order is a hobby, let alone a habit. They cannot rest till all the blues are lined from light to dark, till the cushions are puffed up right or till the already clean mirror is further cleaned. All men wonder how women go from interesting and zappy in the first date to domestic devils post marriage.

9. Change of clothes

Women love changing clothes. If possible, they would have separate morning, afternoon, evening, night and late-night clothes and go about changing their looks 5 times a day for every day of their life. Alas! Budget and space constraints stop them from following this habit to the T.

10. Yes means No, No means Yes

ALL men agree that they cannot fathom this particular habit of women. For the love of God, why do women have to say yes when they mean no and vice versa?! Maybe, they are just genetically engineered to be this way. Maybe.

11. Frenemies

You know that habit, when women hug each other when they meet but then bad mouth one another behind the back? Yea, that one. This frenemy concept is one which men fail to understand. Coz in the man world, you’re either a buddy or not. Simple.

12. Trick questions

“So, who is hotter? Your ex or the one you were staring at 2 minutes ago” THIS right here is a trick question. She doesn’t care about your ex, she doesn’t care about the other woman, she is mad at you for staring but she won’t tell you that. Instead, she will put you in a spot and absolutely agonise you. And she is doing this out of habit.

13. Screeching

Women screech. They don’t shout or yell, they make that shrieking noise that can burn a hole in a man’s ears. If you don’t know what I am talking about, think of the way in which girls screech when they see their favourite celebrity or pair of shoes they love. Got what I am saying now?

14. Pouting and posing

Women love to pout and pose. All you have to do is stand with a camera in front of them and they will start their performance. While men are perfectly happy to make do with an awkward smile, women feel it imperative to unleash their inner model. Yet again, to do so is their habit and men don’t understand head or tail of it.

15. Shopping

This one is a centuries old issue and men have made peace with it by accepting the fact that women love to shop. Still, if you dig deeper you will know that men simply cannot fathom how women can love shopping so much? How can they make a habit out of a rather tiresome experience? HOW?

Why Women Go To The Toilet In Groups?

Why Women Go To The Toilet In Groups?

This question has engaged the attention of “Man”-kind for ages but the endless speculation hasn’t provided a constructive conclusion, yet.
Rather than merely conjecturing like most members of my genus, I am taking a step forward. Rather than merely putting-up lame, one-liner jokes as to why women visit the restroom in groups; I will systematically dissect and reason-out every possible theory. The attempt here is to provide some degree of closure to this question that continues to baffle logic and scientific reasoning. If I am successful, I believe that despite my humble qualifications, I would have promoted myself to the league of top-notch Human Behavior Experts and Evolutionary Biologists. If not, I really don’t have much to lose, so here I go with my analysis:

Blame it on Evolution—Just Want to Show Guys They Are Different

This point establishes my highly developed scientific mind—just ponder for a second and think, how come men and women seem to do everything different? This is something that has been established over a long period of evolutionary changes. I believe that during the development of Early Man (and Women), millions of years ago, the Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon or some form of the Early Man had women doing things opposite to men, intentionally. You see, at that time, the human brain wasn’t very
developed. Thus, the thinking patterns and actions of men and women at that time weren’t the most impressive. With their semi-developed brain during the Iron Age, or a bit before that, women started going to their forested bathrooms in groups just because they noticed that men would go alone!

They Need Help—It is Group Therapy Time

The toilet-centric groupie habit of women can be best interpreted as something akin to Group Therapy. For those who don’t know this psychiatric tool, Group Therapy is when a few individuals are called upon to talk about their problems, confess to each
other and vent their anger. This is among the most potent of Behavior Management Methods. It is a scientifically-established fact that women tend to think too much, worry excessively and have a relentless urge to know about problems of others. I believe, with the amount of unnecessary clutter that occupies the female mind, they need a constant form of psychological fine-tuning. Thus, visiting the toilet stalls in groups and blurting-out everything and anything is their form of Group Therapy, helping them to be a bit saner.

Don’t Blame It on Them—It is Hormonal

Among the most widely-acknowledged facts about women, one tends to surface as the absolute unchallenged reality—actions of women are ruled by their Hormones and not their brains. We have all suffered the mood swings of our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, female colleagues and many other forms in which the female kind forms a part of our lives. If you ask Gynecologists, the Menstrual Cycle isn’t the easiest puzzle to solve. For starters, it tends to vary across nearly every woman. The repercussions of the slightest delay, change in frequency or any related symptoms, can mean a whole lot in terms of diagnostic information. Considering that women need to overcome this menstrual challenge so often, is it really surprising that they need to seek each other’s expertise when visiting the loo?

They Suffer From Biological Bias—Just Too Much Going On There!

This point will be easily understood and will get a lot of nodding heads—God has been slightly unkind and biased when configuring the female anatomy. Just look at what guys need to do when they need to empty their bladders—it is basically Stand
& Deliver. Yes, there is the customary shake-down to ensure that any liquid traces don’t make it back to the confines of the jocks but overall, it is rather simple. At the most, a couple of guys might talk about some sort of rash or having pulled back their foreskin during their latest bedroom adventure. Compare this to the kind of things a woman has to deal with. I am not talking just about tampons here but the entire range of pads, birth control stuff, thongs, pantiliners and God knows what other inventions and contraptions. The point is that women just need more time, space and group advice to handle such complicated stuff.

Need To Steal Some Babbling Time

This point is probably going to get some arguments but I think every lady will have to admit that by nature, they are gossip-mongers. Leave apart the minority that actually talks less, the rest are born with a system that needs a fuel of constant conversation, no matter how meaningless it might be. So at workplaces, the washroom serves as the perfect place to steal some gossiping time. No boss can object to it. No Human Resources Management Tool can find out whether the bathroom time is being used “sincerely”.

Some are Psychotic, Like Monica from “FRIENDS”

Those who have watched Monica (played by Courtney Cox), would instantly realize what I am referring to—Monica’s character is essentially suffering from a kind of OCD. This refers to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. What is the most common symptom of OCD? It is a tendency to repeatedly clean something. Most OCD patients will try to find spaces that tend to remain filthy and clean them repeatedly and most OCD patients are women! So, there is every chance that many of them are huddled together in the bathroom, cleaning every nook and crevice to vent-out their negative, sorry, psychotic tendencies.

Are Afraid of Being Attacked by the Toilet Demon

This might sound childish but none of the reasons listed above make universal sense. Yes, the points listed above are based upon decades of my scientific research, but they are not applicable to every group of women that visits the bathroom in flocks. Thus, there could be just one other reason that answers this mysterious question—there is a Toilet Demon, so horrific and sadistic that it can only be defeated by groups of women! My decade-long research has established that the Toilet Demon has two, major weaknesses—apart from these, it is pretty much undefeatable. Firstly, it cannot withstand human beings obsessed with putting things on their face and secondly, it is highly susceptible to idle talk. Thus, only groups of women, armed with their cosmetics, gossip-ridden brains and incessant chatter can defeat it!

Sourse: MensXP.com

Why Men Cheat More Often Than Women?

Why Men Cheat More Often Than Women?

Men cheat for several reasons.
However the topmost reason for a man to cheat is boredom. It’s like having the same meal every day. There’s nothing more to look forward to. The sex is the same or maybe it is not there at all. There’s no newness to look forward to. Men cheat because they get bored of exploring the same body. A new body is like discovering a new planet; new sights, new smells, new textures, new challenges!
Another important reason is that men cheat if their wives stop taking care of themselves. Amidst babies, job, bills, cooking and cleaning, women often let go of themselves. When the wife has given up on herself, while the husband continues to groom and dress up (even if it is to go to work), he is bound to think of himself as a catch, as being better than his partner. When such indifference creeps into a relationship, it is bound to tempt the man to park his vehicle elsewhere. Men will go to some place where they feel appreciated; where the woman shows that she wants to look good for him.
Sometimes men cheat because they can; because the woman is easily available. She might not even be as attractive as his wife (that is irrelevant), but just because the opportunity is right there, they take it. They think it is harmless; it means nothing; it is just a fling; there will no repercussions; it’s a one night stand. And that will be the end of it. Cheating, sometimes, is just the thrill of doing something which is prohibited.
When one has been in a relationship for long, things become stagnant. Husband and wife get busy in their own lives and have no time for each other. Gone are the days when they went on dates to fancy restaurants, new movies, or plays and concerts. They don’t talk enough, they don’t share anymore. And all of a sudden, someone new comes into the man’s life, someone who shows an interest in him. Someone who wants to know his fears, his dreams, his goals, who laughs at his jokes, who ruffles his hair and calls him cute. Basically someone who takes him back to the honeymoon phase of a relationship. This one too will progress into something as tedious as his present relationship, but still, this phase is so exciting, he falls for it.

Sometimes men cheat not out of compulsion, but because of the kind of equation they share with this person. It just sort of happens. Most affairs take place at work because that’s where men spend a large chunk of their time. It could start off as a relationship stemming from a common interest, like a favourite band, or a favourite holiday destination or cuisine. Gradually, there develops a sort of an emotional dependency. These kinds of relationships don’t even begin with the thought of having sex, but translates into physical intimacy over a period of time. If the woman shows empathy and kindness and offers a ready shoulder to cry, the man gets drawn towards her because she is nice to him and she cares.

Whatever be the reason, men who cheat are royal douchebags. There is no excuse to cheat. Period. Cheating men are like animals with a taste for blood. There is no reason to not believe that a man, who has cheated once, will not cheat again. However, women are no saints either. They cheat too, more often than not, more or less for the same reasons. They just might have a little more self-restraint than men, but that’s a flimsy curtain to hide behind.
In conclusion, it really comes down to valuing and appreciating each other, making each other feel good about themselves. Be kind and show interest in each other’s lives, because it is not really about sex all the time, it is also about having a deep emotional connection. If you feel the urge to cheat, think of all the good, happy times you’ve spent with your partner, think of the reasons you fell in love, think of the things you did with each other. If there’s enough respect and love, you will not be able to cheat even if you feel like it. And most of all, communicate. If you find yourself interested in someone else, talk to your partner. If you feel there is nothing more for you in this relationship, be open, be candid. Get out of it, if that’s what you want, because no good comes out of cheating but only hurt and heartbreak.
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Top 10 Weird Weddings ever

Top 10 Weird Weddings ever

Tying the knot is something most people want to share with their loved ones and friends, but what happens when fantasy weddings go weird– I mean, really really weird. You get this list of awkward, strange, and simply over-the-top weddings. Keep in mind: Everyone is a beautiful unique flower with different aspirations, right? Right? Yeah… Take a look at what weddings made the list of Top Ten Weird Weddings.
Gothic wedding
No.1 Gothic, Vampire or Halloween Weddings
Ever thought, Hey I wish I could go to a wedding with just a tad more blood sucking? Well, these folks had the same idea. Who said black was only for funerals. I mean, it is the end of single life as you know it. So get your Victorian inspired garb ready, put on some fake fangs, and stay out of the sun for a few months. Voilà, gothic wedding! Some hardcore fans have taken their vampire love to the next level. Twilight-themed wedding anyone? No one? No one? Well, someone thought it was a fang-tastic idea.

Graffiti wedding
No.2 Ball and Chain and Grills: Ghetto Weddings
With all the politically incorrect labels aside, let’s move on to Ghetto Weddings. Every graffiti lover and hip-hop die-hard deserves their day in the sun too. Why not bind your love over the melodic beats of Bone-Thugs-and-Harmony? And value meals for the entrées? That’s swag. The sanctity of marriage and the union between two souls, promising to love and cherish one another. I mean if we’re looking for a culture that respects and cherishes woman, look no further than hip-hop, right?

Super Mario wedding
No.3 Will You Mario Me: Video Game Wedding
Every guys dream come true, no? All those hours spent trying to beat Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels comes in handy at last! When planning which Mario-esque place setting goes where, you’ll know your Nintendo obsession was just what the Bowser ordered. I just wannna know if on proposing, the groom went down on one knee, and asked the question that all women have been fantasying about since a wee tott: Will you Mario me?

Nude wedding
No.4 Nude Weddings
We know it’s hard bearing your soul, but how about your birthday suit? One couple thought, Let’s show the world how much we love each other, let’s put it all out there. Like, literally. No worries, they did think about logistics and precisely placed bouquets and hats. This couple wed in front of 250 guests wearing nothing more than their wedding bands. Well, the bride wore a painted on white ‘dress,’ while the groom held onto a strategically placed chapeau. Talk about cold extremities…

Wedding in the supermarket
No.5 Wacky Locale Weddings
Hey Sweetie, remember when I met you at the avocado aisle in Whole Foods? So romantic. Yeah, it’s a coincidence that you’ve found someone with your same passion for fruits, but it’s another thing to bind your life together in the cereal aisle. Couples have said their ‘I do’s’ while standing in TJ Max, donut shops, and Home Depot, of all places. Well, look on the bright side, you can vamp up your home décor and get married all in one convenient stop. Cold cuts, anyone?

Superhero wedding
No.6 Superhero & Mascot Weddings
Husband fantasy: tall, dark, and crime-fighting, with a smidge of infantile trauma, and an over-powering desire to avenge his personal wrongs. Oh. That’s a ‘superhero’ fantasy. Not a husband fantasy. Well, the two can be one and the same. And guys, why not get your future wife to don some hot pants à la Wonder Woman even before your Honeymoon night?

World Records Wedding
No.7 World Records Wedding
So, you got a dozen red roses when he proposed? Well, fun math fact: 99,999 is more than a dozen. One groom displayed his love for his future wifey by strewing their wedding locale with almost a 100,000 red roses. Love don’t cost a thing. Well, maybe it costs a truckload of flowers.

Bungee Wedding
No.8 Bungee Wedding
Hey, if your wedding day wasn’t nerve-wrecking enough, how about jumping off the edge of a 160 feet platform? A couple did just that with 20 other guests and the officiant on the same platform. A separate platform held the live orchestra that serenaded the two at their sky-high wedding. The two took the plunge shortly after saying ‘I do.’ Talk about taking your metaphors too literally.

No. 9 Zombie Weddings
How can one describe love and all its glorious rainbow-inspired feelings? With a zombie wedding—that’s how. Pairs join together, bonding over their love of necrophilia and the living dead. What will be served at the reception, one wonders. A plate of Uncle David? How will the wedding photos turn out? And who’s going to explain to little Susie that her parents won’t eat her once she goes to bed at night. That will have to be a conversation for later, you know, after the inaugural, flesh-inspired appetizers.

Marrying a Dead Fiancé
No.10 Marrying a Dead Fiancé
This one’s a sad one, folks. A woman decided to go through with the wedding to her dead fiancé who was brutally beaten to death. The wedding occurred in the morgue where the groom’s body lay in an open coffin. The couple’s two children were at the ceremony wearing the clothes they would have worn to the wedding. The bride said “I do,” and the wedding band was placed on her finger, while the bride placed a similar band on her dead fiancé’s finger…

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Russian air force’s 100 years

Russian air force’s 100 years

This year on the 12-th August Russians celebrate their 100 years of Air Force.
The air show was amazing.
Bleriot XI
Blogs Directory The show began with Bleriot XI monoplane
The Blériot XI, largely designed by Raymond Saulnier, was a development of the Blériot VIII which Blériot had flown successfully in 1908. The engine was mounted directly in front of the leading edge of the wing and the bracing and warping wires were attached to a cabane structure made of steel tubing above the fuselage and an inverted pyramid, also of steel tubing, below it. The Blériot XI gained lasting fame on 25 July 1909 when Blériot crossed the English Channel from Calais to Dover, winning a £1,000 prize awarded by the Daily Mail. The monoplane from this photo was piloted from Mikael Carlson.
The Polikarpov Po-2 (also U-2) served as a general-purpose Soviet biplane, nicknamed Kukuruznik (from Russian “кукуруза” – crop duster). The reliable, uncomplicated as well as a low-cost ground attack, aerial reconnaissance, psychological warfare and liaison aircraft during war, proving to be one of the most versatile light combat types to be built in USSR. It is the second most produced aircraft, and the most produced biplane, in the history of aviation. More than 40,000 Po-2s were built between 1928 and 1953. It remained in production for a longer period of time than any other Soviet-era aircraft.

The Antonov An-2 , also nicknamed “Annushka” or “Annie” – is a single-engine biplane utility/agricultural aircraft designed in the USSR in 1946. The An-2 was designed as a utility aircraft for use in forestry and agriculture. However, the basic airframe is highly adaptable and numerous variants have been developed. These include hopper-equipped versions for crop-dusting, scientific versions for atmospheric sampling, water-bombers for fighting forest-fires, flying ambulances, float-equipped seaplane versions, and lightly armed combat versions for dropping paratroops – Soviet paratroopers would practice low-level jumps into snowdrifts without parachutes. The most common version is the An-2T 12-seater passenger aircraft.


And now – something more modern. The Sukhoi Su-27 (Russian: Сухой Су-27) (NATO reporting name: Flanker) is a twin-engine supermanoeuverable fighter aircraft designed by Sukhoi. The Su-27′s basic design is aerodynamically similar to the MiG-29, but it is substantially larger. It is a very large aircraft, and to minimise its weight its structure has a high percentage of titanium (about 30%, more than any of its contemporaries). No composite materials were used.


The Beriev A-50 (NATO reporting name “Mainstay“) is a Soviet-built airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft based on the Ilyushin Il-76 transport. Developed to replace the Tupolev Tu-126 “Moss”, the A-50 first flew in 1978. The Beriev A-50 (NATO reporting name “Mainstay“) is a Soviet-built airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft based on the Ilyushin Il-76 transport. Developed to replace the Tupolev Tu-126 “Moss”, the A-50 first flew in 1978.

The Sukhoi Su-34 is intended to replace the Sukhoi Su-24. The Su-34′s most distinctive feature is the unusually large flight deck. Much of the design work went into crew comfort. The two crew members sit side by side in a large cabin, with the pilot-commander to the left and navigator/operator of weapons to the right in NPP Zvezda K-36dm ejection seats.

Ka-52 "Alligator"
In the early 1980s, while the comparative tests of the V-80 (Ka-50 prototype) and the Mi-28 were still ongoing, the Kamov design team came up with a proposal to develop a dedicated helicopter to conduct battlefield reconnaissance, provide target designation, support and co-ordinate group attack helicopter operations. However, the economic hardships that hit the nation in the late 1980s hampered the development program of the new type. This prompted Kamov’s Designer General to choose a modified version of Ka-50 on which to install the recce and target designation system. The modified “Hokum” required a second crew member to operate the optronics/radar recce suite. Kamov decided to use side-by-side seating arrangement, due to the verified improvements in co-operation between the crew members. This twin-seat version of the “Hokum” received a designation of Ka-52.

The Tupolev Tu-160 (NATO reporting name: Blackjack) is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber designed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the Soviet Union. The Tu-160 is powered by four Kuznetsov NK-321 afterburning turbofan engines, the most powerful ever fitted to a combat aircraft. Unlike the American B-1B Lancer, which reduced the original Mach 2+ requirement for the B-1A to achieve a smaller radar profile, the Tu-160 retains variable intakes, and is capable of reaching Mach 2 speed at altitude. The NK-321 turbofans are efficient for subsonic cruise, but suboptimal for supersonic flight due to inlet drag.
Guests - France

The Pilots of France – Official guests on the parade.

The Dassault Rafale (French pronunciation: [ʁafal], squall) is a French twin-engine delta-wing fighter aircraft designed and built by Dassault Aviation. Dassault described the Rafale as being an omnirole fighter with semi-stealth capabilities. The Rafale is a multirole combat aircraft; capable of simultaneously undertaking air supremacy, interdiction, reconnaissance, and the airborne nuclear deterrent missions.

Yak-52 and Yak-54

The Yakovlev Yak-52 (Як-52) is a Soviet primary trainer aircraft which first flew in 1976. It is still being produced in Romania by Aerostar, which gained manufacturing rights under agreement within the now defunct COMECON socialist trade organisation. The Yak-52 was designed originally as an aerobatic trainer for students in the Soviet DOSAAF training organisation, which trained both civilian sport pilots and military pilots.


The PZL TS-11 Iskra (English: Spark) is a Polish jet trainer aircraft, used by the air forces of Poland and India. It is notable as the main trainer plane of the Polish Army, the oldest jet plane still in service in Poland – and one of the most reliable.


Finnish “Midnight hawks”

The Aermacchi MB-339 is an Italian military trainer and light attack aircraft. It was developed as a replacement for the earlier MB-326. The first flight took place on 12 August 1976 and deliveries to the Italian Air Force commenced in 1979. Still in production in 2004 in an enhanced version with a much-modernised cockpit. Over 200 MB-339s have been built, with roughly half of them going to the Italian Air Force.

The Su-25BM (Buksirovshchik Misheney) is a target-towing variant of the Su-25 whose development began in 1986. The prototype, designated “T-8BM1″, successfully flew for the first time on 22 March 1990, at Tbilisi, and the aircraft was put into production after completion of the test phase.
The Su-25BM target-tower was designed to provide towed target facilities for training ground forces and naval personnel in ground-to-air or naval surface-to-air missile systems. It is powered by an R-195 engine and equipped with an RSDN-10 long-range navigation system, an analogue of the Western LORAN system.

And now…. (beating drums) Sukhoi PAK FA 5-th generation
Sukhoi PAK FA T-50
The Sukhoi PAK FA (Russian: Сухой ПАК ФА, Russian: Перспективный авиационный комплекс фронтовой авиации, Perspektivny aviatsionny kompleks frontovoy aviatsii, literally “Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation”) is a twin-engine jet fighter being developed by Sukhoi for the Russian Air Force. The PAK FA, a fifth generation jet fighter, is intended to be the successor to the MiG-29 and Su-27 in the Russian inventory and serve as the basis of the Sukhoi/HAL FGFA being developed with India. Although most information about the PAK FA is classified, sources within in the Russian Air Force and Defense Ministry have openly stated that it will feature stealth technology and have the capability to supercruise, and incorporate advanced avionics such as an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar and an artificial intelligence system.The PAK FA has a reported maximum weapons load of 7,500 kg. It has an apparent provision for a cannon (most likely GSh-301), and could possibly carry two 30 mm cannons. The PAK FA has two internal bays estimated at 4.6-4.7 metres by 1-1.1 metres. The expected initial armaments include Kh-35UE (AS-20 “Kayak”), Kh-38ME, Kh-58UShKE (AS-11 “Kilter”), and RVV-MD (AA-11 “Archer”) missiles.